I WON!!!

So! I entered one of those little scratch card leaflets – and got 3 of the same symbols ! This meant that I qualified for a prize!! (Excuse any spelling mistakes – I am simply too excited!)

Last night I was speaking to TheBoyfriend about how I still have not received anything and that I should call them!

I arrived home now, to find that I had 3 letters (I RARELY receive any letters). One was my credit card account (boring). The other one told me that I had won a travel voucher worth over R10 000 and a gift from an allocated list below which included an acer laptop, garmin nuvi GPS, Nokia cellphone, Genuine diamond pendant, pentax digital camera and so forth.  Too cool! (I am hoping for the Pentax digital camera!)

My third letter I dont quite understand yet 100% but if I am understanding it the way I am understanding it (which is probably incorrect knowing me) then I have won R115 000!!! This will be paid off in R23 000 installments for 5 months!

So now I have to send the appropriate forms within 8 working days and all those opportunities are mine! (I hope). I am ecstatic! This way I can buy my Nikon D90 camera!! And the rest gets put away in my investment account and for charity!

So what charity do you think I should donate to (if I did indeed win it) and why?

Much love



The R115 000 is for a draw at the end of the year – so I still have a chance!!!
But I did win the Holiday away, and one of the unclaimed gift (hoping for the pentax camera or the R10 000 in cash)

So now we wait for December…



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