No Notice

They pay no attention to me,
I’m like a leaf that has fluttered into a courtyard.
And when they do,
their attention is that of a serpent contemplating his next meal.
My words lie forgotten –
Like snowflakes, they just melt away.
And they say living with me
Is like a pig trying to survive in a slaughterhouse.
And yet,
Years later,
When I walk past those same people,
My skirt rippling like waves over a sandbar –
People turn their heads so fast –
Like a Ferrari speedinf past –
And they say my beautiful red lips against my pale face
Remind one of blood in the snow –
And those large brown eyes
Hold a depth in a sea like no other.
Those cheekbones hold the pride
Of a showhorse awaiting his turn.
Yet all the while,
My eyes blaze in anger like a lightning bolt
against the ebony of the sky.
Their judgement is as unfair
as a lion moving in for the kill.

But there is no way to avoid the truth
just as there is no way to avoid death;

When you turn from an ugly duckling into a swan –
that’s when you get noticed!

 – Timor Broide

~~~ This was one of my very first poems that I wrote, when I was fifteen. I received an award for it – something about highly commendable poetry. I suppose it is about the way people treat you because you’re not beautiful, because you have what they perceive to be as imperfections.  And the truth is that you are beautiful the way you are [Christina Aguilera – Beautiful should be playing in your mind now]. When you change the way you look in order to fit with others, you realize that you still don’t fit in at all – even if you became beautiful without any sort of plastic surgery. You’re always one step ahead. And its a pity that they dont see your flaws, as perfection, and see the situation perfectly. ~~~~



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