Practical Baby Care – Tips

These are tips to help Mommy have a calm, rested, happy Baby. You need to ensure that Baby has love, routine and discipline right from the start. With routine  Baby will cry less, and be less agitated.

Preparing for the birth
The following are natural remedies to assist with an easy labour and delivery.
4 weeks before due date you should take Weleda Schlehen Elixir tonic and continued after delivery for as long as you are breastfeeding, anemic or tired. Do not take if diabetic. –> alleviates tiredness, and anemia, as well as assisting the milk supply.
3 weeks before your due date you can take caulophyllum tablets –> help the cervix to soften so that your labour will progress faster. These tablets do not harm the foetus and do not induce labour. It just causes the cervix to dilate quicker and easier in order to deliver faster.
2 weeks before your due date you can take Traumeel tablets –> help with shock, bruising and healing. Take until one week after delivery. Good for C-sections.

Breastfeeding Tips (For Boobahsmom)
 – Traumeel cream: When the breasts start feeling full rub the cream (or arnica oil) all around the breast, excluding the nipple, after every feed until the breasts are soft.
 – Cabbage: Using the dark, green leaves on the outside, place them on the breasts after applying the Traumeel cream/arnica oil. Use only until the breasts soften. Place in fridge for a “cooling” effect.
 – Milko balm: Udder cream (obtain from vet and some chemists) to be used on the nipples after every feed until nipples are not tender. Wash off before feeding with a damp cloth.

Newborn Baby
 – APGAR test which checks Baby’s colour, respiratory effort, heart rate, muscle tone and reflex responses is done at 1 and 5 minutes old. It is rated out of a possible score of 10.
– Marks: usually caused by instruments during delivery. You can use Traumeel cream/arnica oil to promote rapid healing, but they will go away on their own.
 – Milia: fine, white rash over the face and nose due to blocked oil ducts. Do not squeeze. Will clear on its own.
 – Breast swelling and enlargement of the genitals is due to to the oestrogen received via the placenta and will reduce on its own.
 – Sternum may stick out: This will disappear once Baby gains more weight.
Baby hiccups and sneezing: involuntary actions. You cannot do anything for them.

Jaundice (for bananaramagirl, PrincessTatum)
Baby’s skin appears to be a bit yellow. This usually develops about 2 – 3days after birth. What happens is that the liver normally breaks down the red blood cells that produce bilirubin, but in some babies the liver is too immature to cope with the breakdown and excretion of bilirubin, and this accumulates in the blood.
The dr will test for levels of bilirubin, and baby may undergo phototherapy (placing Baby under ultraviolet lights which decrease the levels of bilirubin).
Signs and symptoms: Yellowish colour, Baby is lethargic and must be woken up for feeds. The more milk Baby gets, the quicker the jaundice will disappear.
There is also a condition known as breast-milk jaundice. This is a harmless condition and does not need treatment. Worse comes to worse, if it continues, the dr will take Baby off the breast for 48 hours. You will need to express milk with a breast pump for Baby, and keep it in the fridge for 24 hours and then freeze it in plastic bags or bottles (Breast milk keeps in the freezer for up to 3 months). Defrost it overnight in the fridge. Heat in a jug of hot (not boiling) water from the kettle.

Rhesus factor
A blood test will be done to determine Baby’s blood type. If you are Rh negative, and Baby is positive, a mixture of blood occurs during delivery, causing the mother’s body to form antibodies. this is harmless to the mother but can affect future Rh negative babies that the mother will carry. This can cause a miscarriage, or fetal anemia or death. If Baby is negative, anti-Rh-antibodies will be injected to the mother. This must be done within 3 days of giving birth.

Where should baby sleep?
If you have the space for it: baby should sleep in his own cot, in his own room. Remeber: you and your partner also need to maintain your relationship and you cant with a 2 year old in your bed, sleeping with you.

Caring for the Umbilical Cord
Clean the cord once a day with surgical spirits after Baby’s bath, and at every nappy change. You can also sprinkle on Wecesin powder. The cord should fall off between 5 and 14 days after birth. It is not unusual for the cord to bleed. If it is excessive bleeding you can apply some Friar’s Balsam around the base of a cord with a cotton bud.

Treatment of the genitals:
Girls: Do not clean inside the lips of the vulva as there is a natural white secretion that will disappear on its own. When she passes a stool, clean from the vulva to the anus in order to prevent infection.
Boys: Do not pull the foreskin back to wash the penis. Be sure to dry in between the folds. (Note: about 3% of boys will have undescended testes at birth. They will drop themselves at around 1 year of age, or will need an operation at 2 – 3 years – They will inform you about this when he is checked at birth).

Infantile Acne
Will appear at around 3 weeks of age. It spreads all over the face, head and neck. It should clear up by 3 months.
Treatment: Do not overdress baby as sweating exacerbates it, wash the face with warm water and a little aqueous cream. If it does not improve – take Baby to dr.

Birth –> Polio and B.C.G
6 weeks –> Combact Hib, Engerix B, Polio
10 weeks –> Combact Hib, Engerix B, Polio
14 weeks –> Combact Hib, Engerix B, Polio
9 months –> Measels (introduce a whole egg into baby’s diet before this vaccine as it is egg based and need to determine if Baby is allergic to eggs. swelling or weals will occur if Baby is allergic to a protein in the egg-white)
12 months –> Engerix B Booster, Polio
15 – 18months –> M.M.R (Measels, mumps, rubella)
18 months –> Combact Hib Booster, Polio
2 years –> Avaxim (Hep A)
2.5years –> Avaxim (Hep A)
5 years –> D.T. and Polio

Starts at around 2 – 3weeks and lasts until about 3 months. Worst period = 4 – 8 weeks, and improves between 9 – 12 weeks.
Baby will cry and be unhappy from one feed to the next.  Baby needs tender, loving care. Baby will cry and moan after most feeds at any time of the day (and night), and may moan in Baby’s sleep. They are difficult to wind. Can give Baby half a Numed colic tablet before every feed. Crush it and put it in his mouth after mixing it will some sterile water on a teaspoon, and can make it into a paste, or put it in a bottle if botthle-feeding. Telement drops can also be used. If it persists, call the dr.

Training your baby to sleep
[To be continued, but leave a reply if you need this and other things urgently]


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