The Life of a Professional Student

Lately I have been thinking a lot about this Nursing degree I am currently doing. If I would have known that to complete this degree I would have to study 4 years (including clinical and hospital practice), owe the government another 2 years AFTER that working in a public hospital (our Zuma years), still specialise (which takes 1 yr – 3 yrs per specialization) only AFTER working in the area I want to specialize in for at least 2 years, and only then be a qualified and registered Midwife, and in the field of Advanced Neonatology as well as Advanced Wound care (and I would still like to do my Primary Health Care *hand out my own drugs*), then maybe I would not have done it. So I guess I am pretty glad that I went in blindfolded and thrown in the deep end.

Okay, so I have for the meanwhile taken the job title of “Professional Student”.  I think, considering the above, that it suits me pretty well – underpaid, overworked, and generally treated like scum. But the benefits will pay off in the end. And who else has such interesting stories  – The Life of Patients – that are completely unpredictable, for I would not have them if I were not doing this?

Varsity is rough, the hospital is worse. There are somethings you hope never to see, and there are some things that you never even begin to entertain the idea of. The latter is the scariest. However, being as TheBoyfriend is a paramedic, I have seen some pretty rough things that happen on the road as well – like, the man who walked into/committed suicide by stepping out in front of a car on the highway. Yep, he was dead – you could tell by the way his body was contorted in an alien position, his one arm underneath his back by his other arm, and the awkward degree of his pelvis. Or it was the fact that he died with his eyes and mouth open, blood pooling all around him. Fresh meat. Oh well, I really struggle to have sympathy. Reason 1: he is dead already. Reason 2: The person who hit him with the car will now be investigated for culpable homicide because the dumb man walked into his car (and it was in the fast lane).

The hospital environment is just not for me – not even the private ones (except perhaps Parklane which is only for labour and delivery sort-of-things). The clinics are fantastic!  DISA (in Sandton) is a sexual wellbeing, sexual health, family planning clinic, and also deals with TOP (termination of pregnancy) and the sort. I was super-excited! I was really hoping to withness my first abortion, but just my luck the only person who came in to have one wouldn’t let me watch. I don’t get what her problem was, being this is her third abortion (because she is a “model”), and when it was happening she sat there like she was having a Sunday drink on the beach. – And besides for the fact that being a model doesnt always mean you have brains! Using the withdrawal method because the pill and so forth make you gain weight?! And condoms are just too much of a fuss. I am sure she has some sort of Sexually Transmitted Disease if she takes no protection methods at all? It really saddens me at how honestly dumb people can be – and I am allergic to stupid people.

Gateway clinic is the people who are mentally retarded due to long labours, birth abnormalities, or genetic abnormalities, as well as physically traumatic experiences. I have a post further down detailing my experiences there – and I suggest you take a look! An update though – When I went there on Thursday, deep down in my heart I hoped they would remember me and I was bitterly disappointed that they did not. But I suppose it is to be expected when you disappear for a month. Shaun came up to me, blubbering and crying that his father had died again, and was upsetting the rest of them. I let him talk to me about his dad, and then gave him a colouring book and some crayons to colour in for his “Colour Contract”. Thankfully he calmed down. I love how all you need to give them, and all they give you – is love.

I love to read. At the moment I am reading This is all – The Pillow Book of Cordelia kenn by Aidan Chambers and the blurb is thus: Cordelia, at 19, while pregnant with her daughter, compiles the story of her teenage years. Choosing the old and famous Japanese pillow book as her model, Cordelia is able to include all kinds of writing she has done in the past, as well as episodes and thoughts, lists and poems she is writing now. Here is an honest and challenging self-portrait of an exceptional girl who passionately needs to write – of the unusual relationships within her family, of her love for WIlliam Blacklin, the boy of her choice with whom she has her first sex, of her affair with an older married man, of her terrifying experence with a young man who is obsessed with her, and of her friendship with her teacher, Julie, who encourages her in her spiritual life. Her thoughts range widely: on poetry and breasts, periods and music, friendship and trees, consciousness and sleep, and much more besides.
Interestingly enough, where this book sounds so fantastic – something all females can totally relate to – it was written by a man. I am looking forward very much to this book, and will let you know what I think of it. I also think that the idea of writing a book such as this and giving it to your daughter on her 16th birthday is a fantastic idea, and I hope when I am preggers one day, I will be fortunate enough to be able to do so! (I MUST REMEMBER TO WRITE, I MUST REMEMBER TO WRITE, I MUST REMEMBER TO WRITE, I MUST….)

Oops – I better dash! I am off to go meet friends for drinks for 2x friends’ birthdays at Melrose Arch. (Don’t stalk me). TheBoyfriend is on his way to fetch me, and I am so thankful to get out of this madhouse that is my family (Mother is screaming at my brother, El, as he has bought a little nunu bunny home without her permission. This is going to be interesting as I have done the same with my snakes and I won that war. I wonder how this one will turn out. Grin).



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  1. VRy interesting to read it 😛


    • I am glad you enjoy reading my blog – sometimes I feel that no one is really interested so I appreciate you taking the time not only to read my blog, but to comment as well!!

      Please continue to read my blog and let me know if you want me to write about anything in particular 🙂

      And please give me the link to your blog too 🙂



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