My New Friend Freddie Has Taken Over My Face

Freddie arrived yesterday, and decided to set up his home on the left corner of my bottom lip. I tried to evict him, but he then allowed some of his friends to rock up, unannounced. On my lip.  Their community has grown these last 2 days, much to my disappointment. I am now sitting with about 5 cold sores on my bottom lip. The reason I say he has taken over my face is because people immediately divert their eyes from the “rest” of my face – to this infestation. I am devastated, and completely embarrassed to go out in public. But just my luck, I had varsity today (and we followed a Monday schedule cos of Women’s Day on Monday – are they trying to punish us?!? 2 Mondays in one week? Hell!). Urgh. It was horrible.

It seems though that some of Freddie’s friends are disgruntled with my constant fidgeting, and are leaving. Blistex, vaselin, 8 hour cream and so forth.

Does anyone have any good remedies for me to remove them quicker? Going off to Linksfield clinic in a bit to go get something for it, and am hoping desperately that it will be gone by the next 2 days.

Anyway, best I do some of my typing so that I can add more info for you mummies. Chat in a bit!



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