I promised myself I wouldn’t do this…

I promised myself that I would get straight into bed, turn on my aircon to 22 degrees, close the light (Israelis dont say “switch off” the light), and fall asleep. I promised myself that I would NOT switch my laptop on, nor browse the net and other people’s blogs. But, alas, this insomnia (I am at the stage right now where I cannot fall asleep) is driving me up the wall. TheBoyfriend’s reply to this would be “Hey, at least it is driving you somewhere” – but I want a refund!!! I want to go sleep.

So, this is placing a rather incredible amount of stress on me, hence: about a gazillion pimples have taken place on my forehead. Stress pimples. Kindly  FUCK OFF!! Go away – you’re making me stress about my pimples which causes a higher increase in stress which causes more to pop up which causes… MORE STRESS!!! Arghhhhhh….. Its a vicious cycle. FML.

Development number 2: To bed I am currently wearing my nurse’s uniform as PJs. Don’t judge me, okay? I trust you guys to love me as I am. And right now in the mornings at 5:30am, I snooze my alarm until god knows when, and by that time I am already late. So this way I can jump out of bed, put on shoes (NO, I am NOT wearing them to bed, pffft), brush teeth, fix hair and off I go. I am so dressed that I even have my jersey on as well…. As I said – don’t judge me.

Development no 3: I have found out that for my night shift in January I am working at Raheema Moosa (previously Coronation) Hospital, in the gynae ward. Fantastic! I get to look at vaginas the whole night. Fortunately it should be pretty quiet at night as its not like the labour ward or neonates, so am definitely going to bring work or books along.

Development no 4: My physiology test seems to have gone okay today, am very proud of myself for still making an effort to go to the clinic today. Only around 6 of us pitched. So, I decided that there is no way in fuck that I am going to go to Netcare Rehab (going there once last semester was MORE than enough), and am going to DISA instead. And off I went. On the way, we discussed that the driver should fetch us at 10am (he is supposed to fetch us at 1pm!), and when we arrived at DISA we told them we had to leave early for a test and they agreed! Bwahahahahaha! (I hope none of my lecturers somehow find my blog…). While we were at DISA, the lady saw we were busy studying and said we could study the whole time and would notify us if something interesting came up that we could watch, but her first appointment was at 10:30 – we were gonna be long gone by then!!!! *evil grin* But she was okay with everything, and we studied the whole time. When the taxi/bus thingy dropped us off, I suddenly became so carsick or something, that I had to sit in the parking lot, my strength evaded me, i felt nauseas, (why do I get the feeling I am not spelling correctly today?), and the floodgates of that salty saliva opened in my mouth – causing me to want to kotch (hate that word – but it suits the way I was feeling). I am not too sure if you guys know this but I DONT DO VOMIT! Not my vomit, not your vomit, not ANYONE’S vomit (Baby vomit is way different). And thus it was a real struggle to hold it in! Luckily I had some juice in my bag, and it was a real lifesaver. felt much better after a few minutes.
I wrote the test at 2: 30, finished by 3: 15 – and off home to relax – I think I deserve it!

att00081 – Got a feeling I may be getting myself into a tad of trouble with the clinic business. Oops. (And a little bit of I don’t care – hey, at least I pitched!)



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