I should be working…

Yes, I should. Am I? Well, its debatable.

Life lately has been rather monotonous, and jaded. Here is the smallest of updates:
 – I am winning more things: First it was the 3 vacations, then on Friday I went with TheBoyfriend to go watch Locnville at Carnival City (courtesy of Leeroy Wright from 94.7 Highveld Stereo for providing me with them as they were sold out). Then I sent in some sms for the Step Up 3D premier at Monte Casino – guess what? I won two free tickets. I took TheBoyfriend again, and when we arrived, we saw that the SMS I made him send in too (which was rejected) was actually a winning SMS as well! WOOOHOOO! Unfortunately no-one wanted the. Bugger. So I went up to this random couple at the restaurant we were in (why has the name evaded me? – AHA! Its Global Wrapps) and they were so impressed and grateful. Of course as I am explaining to them about the free tickets, my brother rocks up, sees me, and comes straight at me. He then grabs my chin in between his fingers in a way as if he were wiping whipped cream/chocolate sauce off me and grabbing me tight. Concerning. So I made two new friends and I was rather chuffed!! I saw Lee on Tuesday, and he asked me if I wanted to got o the Sterkinekor premier of the A-team – and the doodlebug who acts in it (think its the one from District 9) will be there – hopefully we can meet him! So – I am still in the draw for the R115 000 in December – so please hold thumbs for me!!

 – I have been struggling with insomnia for the last month. This is having a big effect on me. I am struggling to be bubbly, struggling to stay awake during the day, struggling to do my needed homework and summaries, struggling to sleep throughout the night. I am becoming increasingly grumpy, moody, easily irritated, easily emotional. I am drained of energy. It takes every ounce of strength to keep going. I read this interesting quote today that says “A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.” So I am trying -really I am! – but I feel that I am not going too far right now, barely moving an inch. This makes me disappointed and frsutrated in myself, because I know I am able to do much better – but with this lack of good sleep, I am reverting into an empty shell. Does anyone have any tried, tested and recommended remedies to get me to sleep better? I dont want to hear about Lavender/Jasmine oil – I hate the smell 😀

 – Varsity itself is kind of a killer. The work load is increasing, although it is not very difficult. I am really enjoying learning about what a community nurse is all about – and it is really something I am considering basing my nursing career on! Yesterday we got these 2 nunu babies in for class – and we basically did a newborn/baby examination of them: we tested their reflexes, ensured body movements were equal on both sides, checked that body parts were in the correct position, and so forth. It was really beautiful, and simply makes you enjoy these tiny little wonders – you become fascinated with every little movement and noise that they make, you obsess over their perfection… As I am sure you have gathered – I am DAMN broody. I really cannot wait to fall pregnant, but I know that I need to be realistic and finish my degree first. However, if I do fall preggers by accident, I will not abort, nor give this child up for adoption. I suppose I will be ecstatic. This is not to say that I am going to trick TheBoyfriend into making me pregnant, because we do take precautions, and I want him and I to be in a situation whereby we can support ourselves and a child. At the moment this is a distant dream, but I am trying to get there faster. However at the moment it feels like I am emptying the ocean with a teacup.

 – This brings me to my next point. This is really difficult for me to write because I am in two minds. Lately I have been having some relationship problems with TheBoyfriend. I would love to elaborate and am in 2 minds because: 1) This is MY blog – surely I should be able to write what I want to say?? 2) He reads my blog. I don’t know how he would feel about me airing our dirty laundry. I would love you to let me know your opinion on what I should do – I do feel I need to talk about it, and maybe here I can say things without my confrontationally emotional blubbering and screaming.

 This is what I think of you guys reading my blog and not commenting! *Blog Etiquette!*



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by meganstow on August 12, 2010 at 17:34

    I’d advise against blogging about relationship issues… especially if you know he reads your blog. i’ve done it in the past and it’s only caused shit!

    as for the insomnia, try tissue salts number 6… i forget what it’s called. it’s for sleeplessness and nervous tension. i’ve been known to throw back a handful or two when i can’t sleep 😉


  2. That’s quite the winning streak!
    As for airing dirty laundry, not such a hot idea…
    And just to make sure you know I understand you: comment comment comment comment!


  3. Posted by AngelinAfrica on August 12, 2010 at 18:38

    No relationship drama on the internetz! Ever 🙂 Just looking for trouble that! And I love your blog! And your BBM’s. I often read the blogs on my BB while feeding the Moose so I can’t comment, but will make an effort to come online and comment more often.



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