Abortions, Massages, and a sick TheBoyfriend


DISA is a sexual and reproductive healthcare clinic.
“The DISA Clinic offers a range of Sexual and Reproductive Health services for women. It is located in Hurlingham Manor in Sandton. All services are confidential and include counselling and referral services as well as physical exams and care.”
A summary of their list of services are:
 – Family Planning Services (a LOT of contraception to be suited tindividually to each woman)
 – Reproductive Health Care (pregnancy testing, counselling and referrals)
 – Sexually Transmitted Disease Information (Different STDs and common symptoms of infection, as well as treatment)
 – Abortion Clinic/Care (counselling for women with unwanted pregnancies and information about different abortion options, the actual abortion as well as follow-ups.)
 – Female Sexual Wellness (Vaginismus, 7 weeks to better sex)
 – Male Sexual Wellness (premature ejaculation, priapism, testicular self-examination)

So as you can clearly see, this is NOT simply an abortion clinic, but a sexual wellness clinic for men and women. What I love about this place is that it is SO welcoming (but I mean VERY welcoming), completely non-judgemental, and confidential. You are treated with the utmost respect, and every treatment is performed in a manner that ensures that you are completely 100% comfortable. No harsh words are spoken, only concerned ones. And there is so much love going around from all the staff, lots of hugs, and free magazines and make-up as a “care pack” for your procedures.

I entered the clinic, to a welcoming Glenda and a 16 year old girl at 08h00 am. I have met Glenda before and she is a truly incredible person! She is very warm, very open, and very soft-spoken. I always find that my voice is incredibly harsh next to hers, and I feel that I will never be able to have her soft-spoken mannerisms. It makes me a little jealous, actually. She is a little obese, with the softest brown eyes. She has 2 daughters: a 19year old and a 16 year old. And whenever a procedure is taking place, she talks about her experiences in order to take the patient’s mind off it. I am truly truly impressed with her!

The other lady that works there is Elna McIntosh – have you heard of her? Its her articles that you see in newspapers and magazines regarding sexual topics and even highly controversial ones, and its her that you see on TV. (I think she spoke on “Below The Belt”). She is an incredibly renowned sex therapist. I am completely in awe of her. What I love best about this is the complete openness to discuss sex, and sexual topics. Not one area is out of bounds, and with the counselling before, during and after the procedures, other aspects of your life also come into play.

What I find really interesting is the kind of people that arrive and with whom. Remember: we judge no-one. There are very young people, middle aged, older people, gays, lesbians, transgenders, emo, and so forth…
As for with whom: some people arrive alone, others with their partners, or support systems. Its the ones that come on their own that interest me the most, as I personally find that they have a fascinating past. There are of course exceptions, and its really based on personal judgement, and I don’t mean to leave others that come with partners out.

Today, I began my day off watching a scan to determine how far along a lady named Caroline is. It turned out she was about 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. She was terminating this pregnancy because the man who is the father turned out to be married, and trying to get women pregnant in order to have an heir because his wife had only had one child, and I am presuming that it is a girl. As well as that,  she does not want to bring this child up on her own, especially because she cannot afford it and wants to study further and have a good career so that she can bring this child into the world when she can support it. The father guilted her very much, pleading with her not to abort his baby, when it was quite obvious that he was not going to break off the relationship with his wife for her. After the scan, we confirm that she wants to continue, she signs a consent form, and two tablets are placed under the tongue, and two are placed in the vagina (same as you would place a tampon). These pills basically cause contractions of the smooth muscles in the uterus and assist with removing the embryo from the wall of the uterus. We wait one and a half hours – 2 hours. Common side effects are breakthrough bleeding, nausea, headache, diarrhoea, and you may feel incredibly cold. Luckily neither Glenda and I do vomit. NO way.

While we waited for Caroline – we had a 17 year old woman come in for blood tests to check her thyroid, and we put another lady on the pill.

In the meantime, we saw a middle-aged husband and wife. They were there so we could burn off his genital warts with liquid nitrogen. I know what you are thinking – OUCH!! It is a bit painful, but not as bad as it sounds. And in about 2 weeks the warts turn black and fall off, but sometimes follwow-up sessions are required, and sometimes the warts spread. Glenda also burnt a wart off his hand and then I used the liquid nitrogen on Glenda’s finger as she also had a tiny wart on her hand. Was fun!

Next was this goth man who came in. He wore black eye shadow, black eyeliner, black nail polish, and a dog collar with spikes around his neck. He also had genital warts and we burned them off too.

We then did Caroline’s abortion. First we do a scan – and we could see how the embryo had separated from the uterus wall. Basically we insert a butterfly drip, give pain meds, then open the legs, insert a speculum, inject local anaesthesia into the cervix in three areas, insert different sized devices to dilate the cervix, then a “vacuum” machine is attached to one of the devices, and its very quick – about 2 – 3 minutes. Caroline was terrified from the beginning, mostly from the pain (especially physically – but of course also emotionally). When we called her in, she seemed really surprised that she was being called in sooner than expected, and shuffled her way in, but everything went off with no complications, and she felt minimal pain. I held her hand, and then watched. It was done.

Another lady came in also for an abortion. She was older – in the young thirties I am presuming – and she was doing the abortion because she already has 3 children, and she and her husband are having financial problems and are unable to support a fourth. We are not able to do the abortion as she was 16 and a half months pregnant,a nd at the clinic we can only abort uo to a maximum of 12 weeks. However after we did the scan and asked her if she really wants to do this, she completely broke down, as if her body were made of glass and we had shattered it against the floor. The tears flowed. No, she was not sure. And this is not a simple decision. It is not something that comes without huge physical and emotional trauma. And no – men do not understand, they do not go through this, and they are generally unemotional beings, whereas women experience every little aspect. This lady has to go have her abortion at the gynae, which is a pity because she will not really have the experience where people are holding her hand and makimg sure she is comfortable, and non-judgemental. Most (generalization) are negative experiences in other places – testomonies from other women.

Lastly, the girl Glenda was with. It is her 16 year old daughter’s friend. Basically a guy (Doug) left his girlfriend for her, things were good, they had sex, and he left her to go back to the girl he had left her for, for his ex. But, he had impregnated her. This poor child has so much going on in her life right now – we are not sure what kind of relationship she has with her mother, but her father attempted to commit suicide in front of her last week. She is unable to tell her mother because she doesnt think her mother knows that she is sexually active (although she does know that she lost her virginity at THIRTEEN?), and she doesnt want to tell her father because she does not want to push him over the edge. She did tell Doug and he begged her not to “kill our baby” but truth of the matter is, is that he isn’g going to leave the girlfriend for her, and she cant support the baby and has the rest of her life ahead of her, and will probably have to bring this child up on her own. She wanted to go through with it – which I think is an incredibly adult decision for a child to do, and with minimal support sytems, besides for us. During the procedure, she had a bit of a reaction to the medication (became very hot, and so on), but we just opened windows, removed excess clothing, and so forth. She was  in a bit of pain and we tried to minimalize it as much as we could. When we did the scan to ensure the uterus was empty – there was still tissue inside – an incomplete abortion – so we just went in again, and removed the left-over tissue. When she told her ex, he hung up on her. Asshole.

Human Egg Abortion

After the clinic I went to my friend Dean who is busy studying a holistic massage course and has to complete 50 hours to get his certificate, and I of course offered to be his guinea pig!! Had a nice hour long massage with him and am feeling much better on my neck, shoulders and back! Thanks Dean!!

TheBoyfriend is very sickly at the moment – coughing terribly, fever, and abnormal heat regulation. It is like having a child. He is grumpy and moody which is to be expected – this bug going around is really crappy! Apparently when I said we can’t have sex because he shouldn’t do any form of exercise, he is all like “I won’t – you will be on top” – Gee, thanx!

We are now laughing because he just fed his dog, and gives him dog gravy on his food, but the first time I saw him maxing the powder with water, he convinced me to try it cos I didn’t know it was dog gravy!! And I nearly did!! Euchhhh!!!

Hey – this dog is very spoiled! He gets peanut butter scooby snacks and all!!!

Hope you’re having a fantastic evening!

Our plans are to get dinner and maybe go watch Inception – I heard it is very good. What is your opinion of it??




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