Things I Have Learned This Week

1 ) My neighbour’s cat that was diagnosed with cancer and was given 3 months to live is still alive around a year later

2) TheBoyfriend does not appreciate it when I fart on him.

3 ) My FSIL says I give way TMI, and I don’t think I necessarily care 😀

4) This is BIRTH WEEK – so many people are having their babies this week! Lots of newborns *yay*

5 ) Burning off genital warts with liquid nitrogen is not something people necessarily want to hear.

6 ) I STILL don’t do vomit.

7 ) I need a babysitting job URGENTLY – anyone keen to help in SA?

8 ) I have to space the ) from the numbers, because when I do it with number 8 I get 8)

9 ) The Pentagon uses around 666 rolls of toilet paper a day.

10 ) On an average MacDonald’s bun – there are 178 sesame seeds.


Hope you are all having a blast!



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