Danny K Run-In

The other Saturday TheBoyfriend and I went to eat at Col’cachio (sp?) in Blu Bird Shopping Centre. TheBoyfriend saw Danny K wearing a bright orange shirt with whom he perceived to be his mother. As should be known, my eyesight has deteriorated quite a bit lately (I am seeing an eye specialist) and thus I twittered about Danny K eating lunch with his mother and how cute it was! I then saw him KISS her *Jeez, was I shocked!* and thus obviously gathered it was a girlfriend and twittered about it – correcting myself. Unfortunately this time I did not direct it towards him.

I then saw Danny K trying to photograph ME with his phone!! I hid away 😀

He then leaves, and as I sigh of relief, he returns and says: “Timor, by the way this is Lisa. She’s 25. Looks pretty good to be my mom, hey?” to which I shyly agreed.

He left, and I twittered to him: Oops, its Lisa. Whose 25. #fail. However should you have looked at my timeline, you would have seen that I had already corrected mysef #failonyourbehalf!

What a twat. A complete tosser if I do say so myself. #TheBoyfriend was in hysterics, which I thought to be rather rude of him **evil glare**.

I think he was so rude, especially because I did correct myself. Urgh.

Pity his life is filled with such small idiotic subjects.




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