TheBoyfriend Asked: What would you like for our anniversary. Now u have to answer honestly!!!

Well, TheBoyfriend – you said answer honestly, not realistically.


I would love an engagement ring. Propose to me.

(There, you’ve gone and dug yourself into a hole!)



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  1. Posted by #TheBoyfried on September 8, 2010 at 16:25

    Okay well now I would like a honest and realistic answer please!!!!


  2. good on you lady!
    if that answer really freaks him out then you know you are at very different places, if it doesn’t, well… I guess we’ll be planning wedding tweetups 🙂


  3. Whahahahahaha, he asked for it!
    Personally I think it’s an honest and realistic answer?
    Any reason why it’s not realistic?


    • I suppose financially with what I am earning and what he is earning it wouldn’t work out right now. Although if its just a commitment thing – I don’t see why not? A sign of love for one another. No need to move in together yet I suppose.


  4. So, ladies, any ideas of what would be nice for our 5th year anniversary present??


  5. Posted by meganstow on September 13, 2010 at 07:13

    i think the ring would be a very nice present… besides, just because you have the hardware, doesn’t mean you have to run down the aisle *now*. Richard and i decided withing a couple of months of meeting each other that we were gonna get married, but i’m in no hurry to rush down the aisle until the time is right!

    other than that, i’m more of a memory person than a present person. i’d rather a memorable night out than a gift – nice dinner, something romantic, night in a hotel, breakfast on the deck etc etc 🙂


  6. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name


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