Diminishing Breastmilk Supply

@AngelinAfrica asked me the other day what she can do about her breastmilk supply that has been diminishing over the last week from 400mls to 60mls. I am sure many other women are struggling with this, and I have some tips to try increase  milk supply.

– Increase your fluid intake  (and I mean water)- the more fluid you have, the more can be used for your BM supply.

– Increase your protein intake.

– Make sure you are eating enough! (Between 1 800 – 2 200 calories per day)

– Feed or express as often as possible, as it causes your body to keep up with the demand.

– Use herbal remedies like Prolak, fenugreek (you are taking enough when your BM, sweat and urine begin to smell like maple syrup!), Mother’s Milk Tea, milk thistle, chaste tree, cumin, alfalfa, goat’s rue, fennel seed, anise seed.

– Rest and relax (co-sleeping with baby may help)

– It is said that adding oatmeal to your diet increases milk supply.

– No pacifier – baby needs to work on only sucking on boobie

– Avoid supplementing with formula, it will only make baby want to nurse less.

– You should try breastfeeding meditation before, during and after.

– This is one I read up on and is apparently one of the best home remedies for lactation problems: soak one half cup regular barley in 3 cups cold water overnight, or boil the barley and water for 25 mins. Strain out the barley. Store the barley water in a fridge or cool place until needed. Then heat a cup or 2 to boiling, and add fennel seeds (one teaspoon per cup of barley water). Steep for no longer than 30mins. This increases breast milk, eases pain, and improved mother-and-baby digestion.

– Change the position of the child at each feeding.

– Stop smoking.

– Try feed baby when baby is active and alert.

– You can compress your breast to get more milk.

Note: Being pregnant again can also diminish you BM supply as your hormones are going absolutely crazy! Also using certain medications and a especially birth control pills. Baby may also be going through a growth spurt.

If baby is latching and then pulling away, it is most probably because baby is not getting enough milk. Encourage baby to keep sucking if possible.

If none of this works – please make an appointment with a lactation consultant!

Please let me know how helpful this is and what you find to work for you!



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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! Will try every step immediately!


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