A Whole Lotta Bad Luck…


Its proven.

I’m full of bad luck!

On my birthday in March this year, my friend Cliff left my place and had an accident down the road where he shattered his patella and practically severed the ligament in his knee, needing surgery, being in the most pain I have ever seen him (to the extent that I was crying because it hurt to see him in pain – he is one of those “Man of Steel” guys, so you know it must have really hurt). He was on crutches for quite a while. His mom kicked him out the house (I am not even commenting on this one!) and he struggled to find a place to stay, struggled to have enough food to eat every day, and as his car was smashed, he had no transport. Another car accident, the loss of a job as his boss said they were “too alike and it wouldn’t work out” (WTF), breaking a garage door and a car accident in the police car. And things are still continuing.

Next: Marc. Well, I would say that he has had bad luck for 5 years since being with me drives him up the wall, but lately his paramedics course has been screwing him over, within 6 days he had an accident in the police car (with cliff driving) and then again in the ambulance (they T-boned a car whereby a man was 10x over the limit and tried to catch the robot, even though the ambulance had its lights and sirens on – pics of the accident to be posted up soon!).

Yesterday Nadine and Hendrien (my varsity friends) were involved in a car accident after leaving Rachel  and I after studying. Seems like Hendrien may have received a concussion and Nadine some whiplash – but thankfully they are both okay.

Coincidence? Or is it truly my bad luck rubbing off on everyone??


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Anat on September 27, 2010 at 18:42

    Are you feeling sorry for yourself today? As far as I know, you make everyone that is lucky enough to spend time with you smile,love and appreciate you – Family,friends & patients. Maybe instead of blaming yourself you should blame the drivers that caused the accidents?


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