Some Interesting Patient Wounds

Firstly there are some gruesome pictures in here! So I warn you in advance. Secondly – I apologise for the bad quality, was taken off some of my old phones and my BB. Thirdly – I will be adding the stories related to the pics in a day or two – so come back and check them out 🙂

Date: 25 October 2010, and just got shouted at for not writing the stories! Well, here they are 🙂


This man, was in a fist fight with another man, Basically when he punched the man in his mouth, his tooth lacerated his hand. He got rabies. Rabies is incurable after a stage, because your body does not recognise it and it travels into your CNS (Central Nervous System) and starts messing you up. You go mad, and you die.

This lady suffers from a genetic inherited condition called lymphodema. It is not always genetic. I hope I am not misinforming you, as I do not yet know much about this, but, basically, the CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) is not collected by your lymphatic system in this disease, and thus due to the force of gravity, it causes it to pool in the legs, thus causing them to swell. You can see how her actually foot is now curving to quite an extent. Also because the skin is struggling to stretch, sores appear. And due to the inflammatory response, the skin becomes red (you can see this by her hip). When I had taken this picture we had just resus’d her. SHortly after we had to resus her for a second time. I then spent an hour and a half bagging her manually with a BVM (bag valve mask) at 1 breath per 6 seconds while I waited for a ventilator. ICU came to assess her. I never found out if she made it or not.


Yes, this is the lady’s skull, and yes she has no skin covering it, and yes, some of the skin is necrotic. This lady arrived in hospital with peri-orbital cellulitis. NOT cellulite –> celluLITIS. It is a condition whereby the cells themselves become inflamed and begin to die. The cellulitis spread from her eye to the back of the head, and as it became necrotic, she has to go to theater for a debridement (when they remove the dead tissue). I think she went for a debridement about 6 times as it kept on spreading. This wound took me TWO HOURS to clean, and I have to admit that it is the weirdest feeling to clean bone.

I am not doubtful about how much psychological trauma this woman is going through, but because of this lovely hospital that I am working in, not one person thought to call the psychologist. 😡

The necrosis was contained, and she was moved to Ward 18 for reconstruction.

This man was bitten by a spider, and delayed coming to the hospital. The surrounding skin had to be debrided, and he was this close to having his leg amputated. If you look carefully through the bad quality picture (my apologies) you can see the bone, and the way it is positioned throughout the foot. VERY interesting wound. However, the smell was putrid and revolting. I saw this in my first year of nursing, and I am not sure what the outcome was at it was my last day in the ward.


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  1. You never added the stories?


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