Waiting For The Rain

I feel like I am constantly waiting for the rain.

South Africa has not experienced proper rain in months, and boy, do we need it!!

A sweltering heat has ripped through Joburg (and Pretoria is even hotter) and 32 degrees celcius really causes me to wilt.

Mother Nature has been teasing us with a few droplets of rain here and there – rather rude of her I would say! It has become a hunger within me to experience the first Spring rains, and to dance with TheBoyfriend in the rain like we used to when we were younger, and to cuddle on his bed watching a good horror as the thunder clouds bellow outside and the wind howls, rain splattering with a force onto the tiled ground outside – an echo of confidence that does not shatter until the anger subsides, and the light pitter-patter noise envelops us. And the rainbow that shines through the darkest thunderclouds, through the darkest haze of mist that settles over us, taunting us to look for the last pot of gold.

So yes, I am waiting for the rain, hoping that its drops of sweet moisture will undo my parched lips, and refresh my soul.

I say my soul, because this constant monotone of my life is ridiculous now. I have no desire to bore you with the same-old same-old chronological order of my life that occurs daily, and for this I apologise for my recent lack of any posts. I really am simply finding myself rather boring now, and will not place such a torture upon you 🙂

And thus, I end off with my rain-dance, and hope that my prayers for a better future will be answered.

*rain dance*



2 responses to this post.

  1. i can’t wait for the rain! hearing the durbanites teasing me with news of good and proper rain fall in my old hometown is driving me mad! everything is so dusty dry and old looking. can’t WAIT to run around (if we’re in our new house by then, nekkid) in a good thunder shower!!


  2. You write so beautifully. Thank goodness it did rain EVENTUALLY! Xxx


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