Oh my gosh – it RAINED!! Sweet, cooling mist! It was such absolute pleasure to walk in the rain, and feel this heaviness lift off your shoulders as it chased the dryness away! It had not rained for about 150 days, and I am so grateful to the many people who washed their cars, half-fixed their roof, and did their delightful rain dances! IT WORKED, PEOPLE!!! *high-five*

So, yesterday while in the ward, we had this crazy patient who was swearing at all of us, telling us that we were not treating him (he has a compression of the spine and for the moment he is on strict bed rest and pain medication if necessary). Then he took pictures on his cellphone of all of us, signed an RHT (Refusal of Hospital Treatment), and told us that he is taking our pictures to the Department of Health to complain about us for not treating him!!! When there is very little treatment for us to do! And we think the reason he is so angry is because he is supposed to be on strict bed rest but he has been walking around and lifting objects, and we warned him numerous times that he is prolonging his recovery – so its not us “not treating him” but rather his inability to listen!!!


Today, I had a tiff with the sister. Timor 1 – Idiot Sister 0. When we pray in the mornings, they pray in black songs, then “The Lord’s Prayer” in English. I however, am not Christian, nor do I wish to pray at all, and certainly not to Jesus whom we do not pray to. Yet still out of respect, I will be in the room and keep my mouth shut. And I will not stand up, as I will not show any sort of acknowledgement, which is within my religious rights. And today, the silly cow, screams at me to get up. I give her the evil eye, and I do, as I do not want to make a scene. I then tell her when everyone is done and leaving the room that I will not be coming into the prayer room at all nor participate in any praying! And that I do not want to hear one word about it!

I do not think I am entirely in the wrong, but I stood up to it because I have my rights, views and opinions too. If they cannot respect me for sitting down, keeping my mouth shut, and staying out of it, then surely why should I be respectful too. Of course, I do not wish to be disrespectful, however, I am done taking their shit. Simply put: I am gatvol.

Just before we knocked off Elrika (who was working in the same cubicle as I) asked a patient who was just brought into our cubicle, if she had any pain. Please understand that this is a rather elderly woman, who seems to be rather hard of hearing. Elrika asks her very clearly: “Do you have any PAIN”. The woman becomes very agitated, and angry, all flustered, and starts screaming at Elrika “WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME SATAN?!?!” – I don’t where where the hell she got this from!!! And she would not speak to Elrika at all after this!! I thought it to be rather funny πŸ˜€ Elrika, however, did not πŸ˜€

Another issue: Lately my breasts seem to have a life of their own. They have become so playful lately that they pop out of my shirts at random intervals saying “Hello! Its meeeeeeeeee! Puppy love!”. I have to fight to return them to their correct places. I am concerned they are growing their own brain and personality. Its like having a toddler on your hands. Sigh. πŸ˜€

Well, best I get going, I need to summarize for exams, then meeting my friend Kara for an alcoholic drink, and then we are going to be baking cupcakes! Am very excited!! Who would like a cupcake???


Hope you have a fab weekend!



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  1. Well done for standing up for your self. If it becomes a problem, go straight to HR, you are WELL within your rights not to participate and infact should be given credit for being there while the others are in prayer!


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