My darling blogger friends,

This post is a request for your help – so any ideas at all that you have, please please comment.


I struggle with insomnia that lasts months.

There are 3 types of insomnia really:
– struggling to fall asleep
– waking up during your sleep
– not having a restful sleep.

I have the last 2. Most people do wake up a few times during the night as part of their normal sleeping pattern. I however, sleep straight through the night, and when I wake up constantly, it means that I basically have my sleeping hours from the first time I fall asleep to the first time I wake up – which can be anywhere from 2 – 5 hours – not enough!

This subsequently means that  I am not having a restful sleep. I struggle to study at varsity and do work when I get home. I come home exhausted to my core, and fall asleep (I never sleep during the day unless I am sick, that’s why I see how much this is impacting me this time), which I know is a terrible idea, as I wake up all the more tired, struggle few some more hours, and back to sleep at around 10 or 11, and up at 2 in the morning, when I get up every day at around 5:30. It sucks!

Oh gosh, just read that insomnia and a restless sleep means that high blood pressure is on the way!


So, my question to you is:

“What are your methods of dealing with insomnia/having a restful sleep”

I would be ever so grateful to get your opinions.



2 responses to this post.

  1. I feel the same. I think its a build up of stress etc. as well.

    Lately Ive been taking vitamins to try give me that added oomph for varsity. It helps.

    I also try reading before i go to bed to calm my mind down. I really think the of insomnia is an overactive mind, so do whatever you can to relax before you go to bed.

    Hope it helps!



  2. Reading,
    Camomile Tea,
    And these weird homeopathic tablets from clicks


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