Chilean Mine Jokes

Worst chat up line in Chile. Your place or mine?

My husband asked for a chilean miner. I said what’s that. He said go down my shaft and don’t come up till Christmas.

I find the Chilean miners too mainstream now… I preferred them when they were a bit more underground.

Twitter weather forecast: It’s Chile everywhere today.

The miners are coming up Juan by Juan

Somewhere in the world ,right now ,Oprah is learning Spanish so she can interview the rescued miners with ease .

Anyway the chileans said it was minors down the hole. It’s been adults that have come up so far. Lying bastards!

Please feel free to add more!!



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  1. Posted by mammmabear on October 14, 2010 at 20:18

    The Chilean miners are going straight to Anfield to show Liverpool how to get out of a deep hole.


  2. What do you get when you throw a piano down a Chilean mine?
    A flat minor.


  3. Why did the Chilean miner stay in Chile, instead of moving to the Pacific Northwest?
    He didn’t like the idea of a place called Ore-gone.


  4. How do you confuse a Chilean miner?
    Show him two shovels and ask him to take his pick.


  5. I reckon David Blaine is sitting at home watching coverage of the Chilean miners and thinking “fucking show offs”.


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