My Awful Week

The past week has contained the following events:

– Towards the end of the week, our maid saw two black men hiding behind the tree by my house, looking at my car outside. They had guns, and they were waiting for me to leave my house and get into my car before taking my car, and most probably shooting me. Luckily, that day I had decided not to leave to varsity early – and this unconscious decision led them not getting me. Instead though, they hi-jacked a lady a few meters down our road and ran away when she pressed the panic alarm. Very scary stuff! I feel almost a little guilty that because I did not come out, she was the one who got hurt emotionally.

– Jason is a friend of mine who agreed to do a logo for me for my photography. However, it was a bigger mission than he anticipated, but said he would not turn back onto his word. Unfortunately, some of his friends then messed up everything he was doing on his pc, and deleted and messed up everything on his computer. He then refused to tell me how we had done the logo so I could recopy it, as I was happy with the logo. I felt that he was becoming excessively rude and aggressive, and all the hard work of us doing the logo together went to waste. I was devastated, especially because once again, it looks like this friendship will be ending too. Marc will be fetching my laptop for me, partly because I am studying for my exam, and partly because I cannot face him.

– My sociology exam didn’t go too badly at all, however Rachel and I were so behind in studying for it, that it felt as if we would never get done, and tensions were rising high. Luckily, although not as confident as we would like, we finished everything, and am sure I definitely got the 40% I need to pass the subject, although I am aiming for higher!!

– The other day, my beloved #TheBoyfriend was in a mood with me and tried to sell me to two separate men. Although I wonder if I am recalling correctly, he actually offered to give me for free and even told the one begger that if he puts me on the corner, I can bring in even more money. He got a klap for that one!

– #TheBoyfriend also managed to slash his head open on Friday, and his college were so slow in sending him to a hospital, that my temper rose dramatically and I was prepared to drive to Pretoria and crap them out! FFS its getting infected you idiots, while you decide who needs to pay (the college does) and waiting long for the response car to take him and then telling him its unavailable. F you! And then making him drive by himself to the hospital and get everything sorted out alone. I can see even his colleagues don’t give a crap. *vent*

I am having temporary memory loss – so if I remember what else happened I will definitely add it in.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by #TheBoyfried on November 3, 2010 at 17:30

    Well I wanted to give u away for free but I was worried the guy would make me pay him to take u :p love u baby


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