Day 18 → Your views on gay marriage.

Gay marriage, very interesting topic.

I have had about 3 friends who are gay in my lifetime, of which i am still friendly with 2, as the other friend emigrated overseas and we lost touch.

I believe everyone has to be happy. And if being with another woman/man makes you happy, then why not?

Look at people like Ellen and Portia – they are fantastic as individuals, and powerful x2 as a couple!

I also believe that as you cannot change your sexuality, why should you be sneered down upon for something you did not choose? Yes, perhaps you could attempt to fob off rumors, say, by getting married, and even having children, until your marriage blows up in your face, and your spouse feels confused because they may have not suspected that you are gay, and you rock their world and your kids, because although simple, they too might struggle to understand that “Daddy loves men“.

The spate of gay teenagers killing themselves due to bullying and simply being afraid to face life as a gay person and having to fight off such discrimination is completely unacceptable to me! As a person who does not give a flying f____ I couldn’t care what others think of me; accept me as I am, or leave. And it is a great pity that people cannot accept people based on the good they do within society, but rather on their sexuality. It seems very distorted and cruel to me.

I say: do it! Find a person who makes you happy, who accepts you as you are, and make a life for yourself based on what YOU want it to be, not what others THINK it should.

The following images of Ellen and Portia (and for sure they are not the only gay couple, but I have a soft spot for them) simply fill my heart with happiness to see such love!

P.S. – I still don’t understand how lesbians have “sex” (as a dildo is a sex toy) and “scissoring”, but that’s another tale for another time, to portray my ignorance.

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Day 18 → Your views on gay marriage.
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One response to this post.

  1. I totally agree with you. Judge people on who, not what they are.

    Hopefully in 20 years time we’ll look back on the fuss about gay marriage that same way we wonder about why interracial marriage was banned 🙂


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