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Yes, those whose website name I have written about is offering a competition to win a new Blackberry. And if I get more people to sign up, then I can win a Vivienne Tam netbook.

Lets go through the reasons WHY I need this, okay?

1) My Blackberry at the moment is STUFFED. Has anyone even remotely noticed the capital A’s that have popped up randomly, or whenever I use the “S” button? Have you? Oh you have! BECAUSE IT IS DRIVING ME mad.mad.mad.mad.mad –>FRUSTRATION. For peace of mind, I think I truly need this! My BB needs to be laid to rest, and hopefully instead of “R.I.P” on the grave, I can write “B.R.B”?!

2) My laptop is a hand-me-down (as goes in a Jewish family;) ) and due to my vast amount of nursing work on it, and the slowness of it – a new laptop would be wonderful for this nurse-in-training! It should allow me to have information on hand, and thus I will kill less patients 😀 that’s logic, right? Okay, okay, I will not kill them….. but…. nonetheless it would be helpful, very very helpful!

So, now, I sit here, and say, with puppy-dog eyes “please?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by meganstow on November 10, 2010 at 07:22

    hehehe, if i wasn’t so desperate to win the blackberry myself, i’d totally support you!

    good luck 🙂


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