Pin Stalker

So, recently I have had this boy man that has been asking me for my BB pin. Well, not asking I suppose, because surely that would be polite?

“Pin. i want con tak” – This is the babble I have to decipher. My not-so-eloquent reply  to this would be “CAN…..YOU….SPEAK….*ENGLISH*…..?!” and all-the-while making large, obscene gestures with my hands in an attempt to get an easy point across to a dumbfuck weird boy man.

I hope it is evident that after having this nearly EVERY time I log onto facebook, it is rather annoying. “Rather” being a subtle word for FOAD… what-do-you-want-from-me exasperation.

Tonight I get the following conversation:




Eitan is offline.

Eitan is online.


please STOP asking me for it

besides for the fact that you bark it out at me! A “May I please have your BBM pin” would suffice much better!


why are u giving me yours? I am not going to add you.

del me ok

del me

del me

del me

u delete me, or stop asking me for my pin

fuck you

you’d love to, but thats very inappropriate now isnt it?



I was then mysteriously deleted. So I sent him a FB message saying.

this is what I have to say:

Im not childish enough to call you names. There is no need to call me names either.

I think you need to learn that yes, sometimes people do say NO. I am highly irritated that I had to tell you multiple times that I was not going to give you my pin. You invaded MY privacy, and destroyed my respect for you. Geez, really, what does it take? Not once was I rude to you, but see how rude you were to me?

Really, you’re not 4 years old. Learn to communicate with people, not bark orders out at them. Learning spelling and grammar would be a plus.


Eitan replies: ok sorry very sorry




3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by #TheBoyfried on November 16, 2010 at 21:33

    Well done boss lady!! U set them straight


  2. Posted by Marc on November 17, 2010 at 13:42

    Who the hell does that cock munch think he is. what a disgrace. block him too piece of trash


  3. Two words: *block him*
    Don’t waste ur time with freaks like that. I recently had something similar on FB and it is such a relief to just click ‘block’ … Aaah, peace 🙂


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