I Survived!!

Guess What?

I survived a whole week at the hospital!

I began working on Tuesday – doing medication, and I learnt so much! I am still as slow as a frog getting out of your throat, but hey, I will improve!

Wednesday I worked until 1. I was delegated to do the following for the whole day: Check the oxygen points from cubicle 1 – 32 (picture to be attached!)
Ummmm…. okay….. that was done by 9:15am! Which meant a dodged the hospital quite a bit – was fabulous!

(By the way – “fabulous” appears to be my new favourite word, yet I still don’t believe it has replaced “polyp” i.e. you are a rectal polyp.)

I also dismissed myself at 12, telling the sister I was going home:) sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Yesterday (Friday 19 Nov) I was stuck with half the ward. The following occurred:

– I walked in on a blind patient (alone in a room by herself) eating Zambuk. I immediately walked out. Sigh. For god’s sake she’s BLIND not tasteless!!

– I then promptly sat in urine. Fucking A!

– There was a patient who seemed rather out of it as she could not answer a single question coherently. And then she vomited. It was fluid, with a yellow-orange tinge, and foamy. I was outta there! Yeeeuch! *shudder*

– We then had this shirt frail patient who attempted to leave the hospital naked. Twice. And had this big, naughty, toothy grin on her face, and her sagging breasts practically reached her bellybutton. Yoh! The sister basically had to treat her like a naughty child. If I recall correctly, she had dementia brought about from advanced AIDS.

I managed to leave work at 18:20. I then got home, and put on this new, faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous dress I bought for R60 – the top is lace and the skirt is floral (pic hopefully to follow) – in order to get dressed up a little bit for #TheBoyfriend. And what does this little polyp of mine say? Its too short. *bitch and moan*. Who wants to teach him some manners?!

Yesterday I also started my Osoloean product. I cheated and started the day before I got measured. I got measured today and when I weighed myself I had actually GAINED 3 – 6kilos in the recent months! Should anyone have lost their kilos, I have found them, and am gladly giving them away! 😀

I have also just finished reading Sarah by Marek Halter and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! It is based in the tradition of The Red Tent by Anita Diamant and now its onto the next book (Katherine by Anya Seton). It has been over 6 months that I simply have not had the luxury of allowing beautifully written words to envelop me in their fluidity, and to sit and relax – escape into another world full of adventure, passion and love. Secrets that are bared. And oh how I have missed it! Does anyone have any good book recommendations?

Tomorrow I am hoping to bake red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting!! Ooooooooh I am superexcited! Cannot wait to show you all pictures 🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. Yum, love red velvet!
    Lol, sounds like quite the week…I envy your patience. I could not do what you do!
    Good luck…


  2. I am SO glad I do not have your job 😉


  3. great one


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