Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

My day today was relatively grumpy.

05h48: Wake up with a start. “I’m late late LATE”. Obviously slept through my alarm. Luckily my internal clock aroused me 3 mins later than I usually do (after a whole lot of banging the “snooze” button).

06h05: Dressed, teeth brushed, food prepared, and leave my house, ready for my 07h00 – 16h00 shift.

06h25: Arrive at the hell-hole known as Helen Joseph.

06h40: Enter the building, merrily wave hello (a facade) to everyone. Inside I am dead and grumpy and dead-grumpy and tired. Want to curl up in a ball.

07h00: After handing over of the patients, I sign the on-duty register. (They) sings songs. I requested Jehova Teloomoya. They sing it. My favourite (and only) song that I know. Ask Bitch Sister if I may work on medication today. She says Austin must do medication. I say Austin is not here today. Bitch Sister still says no. I get allocated to half the ward.

07h20: Take my Osolean. Begin routine – bed making, emptying of urine bags, changing of nappies. Complaints from grumbling patients who I agree want to be in their warm bed without being woken up at such an unreasonable hour.

08h00: Vital data taken and recorded, breakfast given, inut and output monitored and recorded, cardex and nursing care plan written. Everything done.

09h00: Try disguise myself, and spend some time hiding in the toilet away from Bitch Sister and rest of staff.

09h30: Leave the bathroom. Steven teaches me Zulu. I am a Zulu warrior!!!!
shisa – hot
godolo – cold
inyama – meat
ibisi – milk.

10h00: Leave for tea. Spend a good 45 mins away. (I’m looking like a bad nurse right now, aren’t I??) Have a good chat with Nadine.

10h45: Return to the ward. Do some random stuff like filling up soap bottles. Learn more Zulu. Gogo is laughing at me because I struggle with pronounciation. I teach her hebrew. She is worse than I am. I laugh at her.

12h00: Lunch time. I leave the ward and find one of our patients that was transferred to ward 10 at the lift. Crazy bugger, she is always running away. I take her back to the ward. Nurses thank me. I glow. I move on. It is lunch time after all!

12h30: Return to the ward. Its quiet. Lunch has been given. Fab.

13h00: Begin routine. Beds, vitals, nappies, urine bags.

14h00: The on-going line of patients coming to be transferred to our ward grows. I sigh. We were on post-intake 2 days ago. Now its like we are on it again.

14h30: One of the males in our ward starts swearing at the staff. Crazy hooligan!!!!

14h45: One of the patients they have brough in is incredibly gaunt and emaciated – a living skeleton if you will. AIDS.

15h00: VISITING TIMES! Bitch Sister asks me to do admissions. I manage to do it quickly but fail to understand why I of all people should do it if she has allocated about 3 people to deal with the admissions? #fail. Sister disappears so I cannot ask her to sign my hours.

16h00: Home Time. *happy dance* *do the boogie* *do the macarena* *throw my hands in the air* *sway* *kick my legs into the air* *think I should have wore underwear before doing that* *pirouette* (fade to black)

16h05: Hit traffic.

16h25: Get home. Flop on bed. Eat crisps (2x packets of crappy addictive chips).

17h00: Read the People and Heat magazines.

18h00: Eat dinner. Brother bear has put too much salt in the salad again. We are having pasta and chicken. Was YUM.

19h00: Read the You magazine.

20h00: Blog.

And off to shower and bed next!



*You can find my 30 day meme here


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