A Very Important Update

I have not blogged to as great an extent as I have desired, because of these rather sketchy, interfering exams, and then back in the crazy-hole known as “”The Hospital””

This is the major things that have occurred recently in my rather boring life of “Same shit, different toilet”. Charming, I know.

 – I got home late from watching Harry Potter at the cinema, and as I was utterly exhausted, I blindly pushed through the toilet doors, sat down, and promptly fell in. Thanks, Brother, for not putting the toilet seat back up! Luckily, my large hips saved me, yet I still struggled like a beetle on its back to get out. I was NOT impressed. And now I was awake.

 – Marc has this group of friends with whom I am also friendly with, but to not as large an extent. There is this one guy, who really rubs me up the wrong way, sort of like a cat licking your forehead. Unpleasant. Nonetheless, considering I am a rather sensitive soul, his constant chirps and putting me down, and the way he speaks to me as if I am an object finally got to me. I told #TheBoyfriend to immediately take me home, and I sobbed. I felt utterly humiliated by him – and in front of everyone! I sobbed – big, ugly sobs that made my eyes crease up and my make-up to run. You know when you are so upset that while you cry you hiccup? Yeah, that was me. The one curled up, naked, in #TheBoyfriend’s bed, feeling completely vulnerable. Yet my #TheBoyfriend handled me so well, and rubbed my back and comforted me, even though roared at him!  #TheBoyfriend managed to get an apology from him. We shall see how long it lasts.

 – Back in “”The Hospital””. 2 weeks in a surgical ward can drive you bonkers. We then get told – “Oh! But you’re working inb the wrong wards! You’re supposed to be in gynae since the 16th of November.” Stupid bitch. How about telling us that 2 weeks ago and not now? Well, tomorrow I start working at Coronation/Raheema Moosa Hospital (Otherwise known as  “The End”). This means I get to look at vaginas the whole day! Yippee!

 – I decided to take the day off work on Friday because I was allocated to work 4 days in a row (which is crazy and usually does not occur unless you requested it which I did NOT). And that day I took #TheBoyfriend to hospital with suspected appendicitis. 2 ultrasounds and a CT scan later – its not his appendix (I forgot the name and called it an “appendis” ) but they are not sure what it is. #TheBoyfriend (if he were here) would now insert that I sat with him “for a whole FOUR hours” because I boitched and moaned that I waited so long and then he made me drive by myself. And I had to get that in before he tried to.
P.S. Apparently it is not appropriate to fondle his balls as the Ultrasound lady is about to walk in. I got a smack on my hand for that one.

 – Have just been away at the Lion and Rhino park from sat – 3pm today. However would like to do a blog post about this on its own so that I can post some pics too (am typing on Mommy Dearest’s pc (because my internet is still not working after 2 weeks!), and the pics are on mine)

 – My poor, aching back deserves a nice relaxing bath right now, so I will catch y’all on the flipside.



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