Pharmacology – a bitch and moan post

Proffesor  Z. What a bitch.

She is/was my pharmacology lecturer (the study of medicinal drugs for those that don’t know).

This whole year, we have had many problems of which some are:
 – No updated study guide
 – A book that did not match the drugs in the study guide, thus leading to confusion about what we should study for tests and exams.
 – She would not answer questions head on, and would waffle through it, so we would be even more confused after we asked questions. This meant that eventually questions died down, even after we told her.
 – The lectures were not in a strategy that worked for all and were not consistent (one day lecture, next day powerpoint slide presentation, etc).
 – We were not told what to expect or prepare for our next session, and this left us in the dark as the study guide was not helpful for this year.
 – She used to talk to us about God a lot. I’m sorry, but last I checked, my religion was different to yours?! And what about the Muslims in the class? I do not want to be preached about God just so that you seem to be a good Christian.
 – Marking was not consistent.
 – You ask for side effects and then mark us incorrectly because “its not the ones you wanted”? Either specify first which ones you prefer, or check your samf, because a side effect is a side effect, regarless of whether its the one you want or not.
– Racism – we left that in 1994, or have you forgotten?
 – When we would ask for help, she would waffle on, and when we tried to rephrase our question so that you answer the correct thing, she would talk over us and attack us.
 – The one day, she received a hint that we were giving our opinions on pharmacology, so she asked us to write it down anonymously in class. When we did, she would only take the letter from our hands and not let us send it down the row or put them together – thus she knew who said what. She then became very emotional as most of the remarks were negative and scathing.
 – During the exam, she gave the wrong paper out with the wrong scope. She argued with the class for a bit, then went to her office, made up a new exam (of which the one question was STILL not in the scope) and printed a new one after being gone for 45 mins. This does not follow exam protocol as it needs to be moderated and sealed. The Head of Dept was also very unhelpful, and would not give the class a break after this massive fuck-up.
 – We would eventually simply not pitch up to class because it was a complete waste of time.
 – etc

I am very tired of you, Mrs Z. To say that I am comfortable handing out medication would be a utter lie. To a degree, I understand that Pharmacology is self-study, which I have done with great difficulty, and I know you know your drugs  – you just suck at teaching. You have been the most unhelpful teacher as I do not know my drugs and I am uncomfortable handing out medication.

Thank you for setting me back in my nursing degree.

I pity the years that come after me, and will do my best to help them out, because you are about as helpful as a bicycle is to a fish.




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  1. That is shocking!! If you give the wrong medication to a patient they will hold YOU accountable not the lecturer. I say report her and if the head of department does nothing, go higher. She is playing with people’s lives here, totally unacceptable!!


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