#TheBoyfriend’s Birthday

Today #TheBoyfriend turned 24.

Twenty fucking four.

Where has the time gone?

It was only a few days ago or so it seems, that I began dating my #TheBoyfriend when he was 19 and I 15?!

We met up for lunch with his family today, and as his grandparents were leaving,  his Zaida (Grandfather) started opening the car door for his Bobba (Grandmother), which is a really sweet move. Suddenly she snaps: Leave it, you’re wasting time. Oh, how I laughed! I hope we are like that one day in the future – in limbo between modernity and the traditions of the past.

The future.

Who know what that will bring? Hopefully one day it will bring our own house, careers, babies, SPCA-rescued dogs, the pitter-patter of feet throughout the house, and laughter in the hallways.

24. What an amazingly old, decrepit, ancient man you have become! And look at me – a spring chicken!

I shall have to buy you a walking stick shortly!

Wishing you a very happy birthday my love (which you share with Exmi by the way). May we see many more together my old fart 🙂


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