Best Bitch and Moan Session… Ever.

Yesterday, I was informed that as my nursing class representative, I was to go to an interview [held today] along with 2 other students that the class collectively chose.

We arrive, and are taken to 3 separate rooms, and sit down with our interviewers. My lady [let’s call her Anne] is a psychologist, and asked if I knew what this interview was about. I replied that we had not been given any information with regards to this meeting. She shook her head, saying she had told them about the meeting, and that we were to discuss the nursing department as a whole as she has heard there was quite a bit of discontentment. And the bitching session began.

 – The Nursing Department is completely disorganized.
 – Speak clearlyin English. They tend to waffle around a lot, instead of answering questions directly, so we become even more confused.
 – We never receive the correct information in advance and when things should be handed in.
 – We are unaware of what is expected of us, and thus perform poorly, even when asked as information is of poor quality.
 – The correct channels of communication are not followed from their side.
 – Apologies are not given to us when an issue arises and they are proved wrong, or when teachers arrive late.
 – Many procedures are carried out in a slap-dash manner.
 – The teachers themselves are not part of a united front – if they dont get along, how can we get information through to us?
 – We feel we have no foundation within nursing from our first year. This has impacted the rest of our studying.
– Allocations are changed without consulting us. I will now be in ICU for 3 days out of a 4 year degree, will be lacking in ICU skills, as well as tested on them. I was in gynae for 2 months. Fail whale anyone?
 – As we are studying medical-surgical pathophysiology now, we are only put into specialities (theatre, ICU, gynae, casualty) and have been removed from medical and surgical wards. Which means we cannot get certain procedures signed off nor apply our pathophysioloogy.
 – Pharmacology lecturer giving the wrong exam, writing up a new one, and printing it then and there, papers still warm handed to the class –> did not follow correct protocol.
 – 2 students who did academically well were supposed to go to a hospital in Germany. They put their life on hold waiting for news. No one told them they were not going. They found out from other students.
 – Certain students who failed a module of physiology were told they were being demoted to second year after completing registration and attending third year classes, were told they were “sly” and “went behind their backs”. The point that physiology was a requi.rement for third year was only put into effect on Dec 2010, after the exam had been written. they should have applied it from the new first years
 – We never know when to hand in certain forms, or what the leave dates should be.
 – The Department does not look at solutions, only problems.
 – The problems with the students in the hospitals (degree and diploma) – not getting along, as well as the sisters and staff nurses not liking us –> we get shat on and expected to do the majority of the work.
 – The disgrace of the nursing res on the hospital site.
 – Housing allowance forms and other forms going missing at Ann Latsky college.
 – Still no midwifery lecturer for the second semester – we will be given any person who is willing to teach, regardless if they know their work well or not.
 – lack of feedback
 – no support
 – and so forth.

 – Fire the majority of the bad lecturers
 – Would be nice to enforce new legislation in “being nice” – wishful thinking!
 – Teamwork Building Courses for the lecturers to be done often
 – Health Department to start being more involved
 – The Dean is to take matters further when required, and not let them stagnate.
 – A course on “How To Speak English Properly” – I wish!
 – The whole nursing degree to be revised.

What a day! Many other issues were brought up, and more suggestions raised, but I hope these external people will be able to assist in sorting out these issues.

I am very frustrated, I simply feel a lack of caring as to whether I finish this degree or not. I came in with a passion – now my passion is all but spent. I have even discouraged others from doing nursing because this department is inadequate.

I simply wonder if my decision to be a nurse, was a mistake. Should I have known what it entailed before the degree (it was my second option – I didnt get into medicine) I would never have done it.

Are there ways to improve these situations? What more can we do? For I am just about ready to up and leave.



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  1. Don’t give up! I gave up studying and still regret it, many (MANY!) years later. The memories will fade about how bad it was and no-one will be able to take the qualification away from you.
    Sermon over 🙂


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