Tender Moments (A Crimson and Gold Affair) – Muneera’s Wedding

My nursing colleague and friend, Muneera got married to Yunush for the fourth time (long story!) on the 27th of March 2011. It was the first wedding I have gone to with my professional DSLR camera, and I thought I may as well try to get some wedding photography. Unfortunately, I had 3 things working against me:
– I have no wedding photography experience at all.
– It was my first Muslim/Indian wedding (can anyone say culture shock?)
– I was obviously not Muneera’s paid photographer, so I had to try catch shots at times I would not disturb the photographer, however, he was rather pushy, and I did not want to interfere.

Because of these factors, I hope you will not judge me and these pictures too critically!

(For some reason the pictures are now not appearing in the order that I had originally picked out for them as they were in sequence – how frustrating!)


4 responses to this post.

  1. I love the first one of the bride!
    Beautiful shot!


  2. Great pics lady 🙂 I know that Indian weddings are three days, and each day has a different thing going on, but where does the 4th item come from?


    • When I meant she was getting married for the fourth time, I meant as in the fourth actual wedding ceremony – she got married once in London, twice in India, and now the fourth time in South Africa! 😀


  3. That third one of the couple is wonderful!


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