Blog Challenge – Your Wishes

Pink Hair Girl posted a blog challenge about your wishes on what you would like done after you have died. Please note if I am brain dead – do not leave me in a coma. Turn off life support. These wishes are to be carried out in the same circumstances.

So herewith are my wishes:

1. I would like every available organ including skin, bone, eyes, etc to be donated to those needing transplants, if at all possible. This is to be harvested immediately after my death. My parents or if I am married, my husband, need to agree to this, even though I am on the organ donor list – so please do so.

2. I do not care if you prefer to bury me, or cremate me, or whatever you like. I am not at all fussy, so with regards to this matter – please do as you please. If you would like to bury me – please not in a graveyard.

3. I would like you to wear colours of yellow, orange, pink, purple and green. Bright colours that celebrate life, just as I would like you to celebrate my life, not my passing. I do not want black at my funeral.

4. Be happy. Fill in a book for my family to have of any good memories you contain and would like to share. Know that I will always be with you, and we will meet again.

5. I know my family will follow the Jewish religion. Please do not pray more than what simply needs to be said. So far I am not a very spiritual person ad to pray to a god is simply… hypocritical. I would like some cheerful music though.

6. Do as you feel needs to be done.

7. Allow even my enemies to say goodbye. Everybody needs some sort of closure.

8. Family and friends are to divide any items that are not in my will as they wish. Anything of personal value to them they are most welcome to have.

9. Every year, a party is to be held. You’re Jews – bring lots of alcohol. A photograph is to be pasted into a book – keep the tradition going.

10. Remember me, not only in times of sadness, but in times of happiness. Know that I am watching, and guiding you.

So – what are your wishes?


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