Movie Review: No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached

The synopsis of the movie from  reads thus:

Lifelong friends Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and Emma (Natalie Portman) attempt to avoid falling in love after falling into each other’s beds in this comedy exploring the complexities and quirks of having friends with benefits. Adam was a typical, hormonal 14-year-old when he first came on to Emma at summer camp — and got shot down in flames. In the years that followed, however, Adam and Emma continued to cross paths until, eventually, they both caved to their animal instincts. Despite an intense session of earth-shaking sex, however, Emma makes it clear to Adam that the last thing she wants is a committed relationship. And thanks to the fact that Adam’s father (Kevin Kline), a fallen television star, has just begun dating his son’s ex-girlfriend, the horrified bachelor has developed an aversion to monogamy as well. At first their casual stance on sex works great for both; Emma can focus on her career instead of allowing her emotions to dictate her decisions, and Adam can play the field without fear of hurting her feelings. Over time, though, a funny thing happens — Adam begins to develop feelings for Emma that he never had for any of his countless conquests. Before they both know it, love has reared its ugly head and they’ve gotten too emotionally involved to cut the relationship off cold. But is commitment in the cards for the couple that always swore it would never get serious, or has the time come for them to finally part ways once and for all?

I went to this movie – not expecting much – with a group of friends, and I loved it! Yes, it is not an in-depth, requiring-much-thought movie, and yes it is predictable, but I found it to be a feel-good movie, raising hopes with regards to love.

And yes, Ashton Kutcher is one sexy hunk (Evidently I have a big crush on him – who doesn’t?) I did truly enjoy seeing those pert little buttocks and…. best I stop here before I get carried away!

I eventually sent a message to #TheBoyfriend saying: Hey babe. I have been very naughty, going behind your back, and watching all the movies you have been interested in seeing. I have also seen Ashton Kutcher’s ass and I loved it 🙂 Also, in the sex scenes it got hot and heavy in my pants and I’m sure if you were there it would have become very steamy. Unfortunately, I was having to imagine myself with Ashton Kutcher. It was nice.
Please know: I love you.

Best quote: “Its like a crime scene in my pants!”

Rating 3.5 – 4/5


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