How Do You View Your Body?

I have been silently observing how people view their bodies.

The reasons for dieting, anorexia, steroids, exercise, bulimia, and so forth.

What scares me is the fact that in can lead to body dysmorphia and death.

I personally – have come to love my body. I don’t view the imperfections as “flaws” but as what makes me imperfectly perfect.

Yes, I am not a fan of my stretch marks over my bum, the scar on my breast where they removed my lump, and the slight pouch on my tummy, but slowly slowly I have learned to embrace it, and know that I love myself firstly for my mind, and secondly for how good my body has actually been to me.

I love it that #TheBoyfriend loves my ass, my breasts and my tummy. He has made me learn to appreciate it even more – that something I find to be so meh to me, is actually the part he finds the most attractive. I, on the other hand, love his underarms, eyes and bum the most. Something so silly as underarms, I mean really! But its true!

To become more in tune with myself, when asked to model for a boudoir photoworkshop, I said yes! it was helluva daunting! there were going to be about 10 photographers (both male and female) who were going to see me topless and in my knickers! But it was a challenge I was willing to take – firstly because I am 21 and want to remember what I looked like at this age, and secondly, because there wasn’t necessarily a reason why I shouldn’t do it – because were I to wait for the time that I was going to be at the size and weight that I wanted to be – I may have waited too long and it may have been too late! And I fell in love with the photos and me (vain, but true!) I got to see myself the way #TheBoyfriend sees me, and it felt so refreshing and vibrant and free!

These are some of my pictures:

How do you feel about your body – in an honest opinion? 🙂
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  1. Beautiful pics!!

    I used to be a size 26 (!) I know, I know, tiny… Im 4 foot 11 inches in my socks so it wasnt *that* hard to be so tiny.

    As I got older my metabolism changed and I started to put on a bit of weight and get more of a shape.
    For example, for ages I could never wear long boots because I had no calves, the boots flopped around my legs, then I went through a stage where I couldnt get the boots to zip up cause my calves were so ‘fat’, now boots look great on me.

    My biggest issue with getting more shapely is that, for me, its not evenly distributed. (Im a ‘pear’
    shape, small on top, round at the bottom.)

    Another example, pants… my leg is a 26 length, waist is 30, bum is 32/34 depending on the cut. HUGE issue! It still annoys me and I try avoid shopping for pants but Im learning to love my body. Including the masses and masses of stretch marks over my arse and thighs from 2 pregnancies.

    The one thing I do want to change and WILL change is my breasts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a C cup now that I am breastfeeding and I know my boobs are going to go back to an itty bitty A cup when Im done, so I/we are saving up to make my boobs a permanent and perky C cup 🙂


  2. Lovely post and stunning photos


  3. Posted by AndyWandy on June 13, 2011 at 20:01

    I honestly think my boobs are fan-freaking-tastic. *pose* 😉


  4. You look absolutely gorgeous!


  5. Great pics lady 🙂 And what tummy?

    I used to be tiny, like size 26 tiny. Then varstiy hit and I got lazy and I put on some weight, but it looked good on me so not an issue. Then there was more weight, some from being lazy, but when I made some changes nothing changed and I didn’t know why. Found out it’s pcos and am now trying to get to a healthy weight for my height, 57kgs or even 55kg. It’s hard, and I don’t quite like my body, I’m pear shaped too like Gina, and I agree the shopping for pant is soo hard. Worse so when you’re short, but being short has it’s perks no ducking 🙂 I’m working on liking my body, I think there’ll be some more hate first, before I accept and like it, but as long as I get there it’ll be ok.


  6. These pics are stunning!!!!!!


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