I am a Midwife!

Not yet a fully fledged midwife – but I am in the process!

I have spent 2 and  half years waiting for the day that I could finally start delivering babies, and when it arrived I could not be more ecstatic 🙂

I remember when I started observing the deliveries, I watched these brave women in the active phase of labour – the way their faces would contort in pain, their restless movements, and my heard bled for them because most of them did not have a partner or family member who was with them to hold their hand, to encourage them to push harder and to speak to before the next pain. I hope I helped to adequately fill that space.

I have heard life stories – heartache and pain and joy and love and regret ad hatred. I have learnt about people, about individuality, a need to give this little being the best they can. And on the other spectrum, women who do not want to hold or touch their babies, who do not want to bond – or are simply too scared to – who are completely disinterested and are actually quite angry that the baby caused them so much pain.

Some deliveries have made me tear up, or gave me goosebumps they were so beautiful. I remember there was a 18 year old girl with her boyfriend, and he held he hand without a single grimace or complaint as she scratched into his hand with her nails as the contractions grew strong, who encouraged her to push and to focus, who watched the head crown and the baby be born without a look of disgust. I saw them cry tears of utmost joy when they discovered their surprise baby was a boy, the way he couldn’t take his eyes off the baby lying across her chest. I saw him look lovingly into her eyes, both lit up with happiness and unconditional love, and he asked her “So, when are we planning baby number 2?”. She smiled up at him and it beamed with sunlight and love and lit up the room. I nearly sobbed at such beauty.

I have also seen the hard side with my first delivery being a 29 week old IUFD (Intra Uterine Fetal Death). From what we understood, the baby died two weeks ago. It was a quick delivery, and after the baby was born, we cleaned her up and clamped the cord and I asked the mother if she would like to see and hold her baby. She herself was merely a baby still – only 17 years of age. She took the baby from my hands, her own hands tentative and cold and shaking. She stared at this perfectly sleeping baby – and inspected her closely from her hair all the way down to her little toes. She was perfectly formed, but 2 weeks lying dead in utero had made its mark on her and sg=he of course did not cry.

sometimes the silence can be so loud…

I have learnt so much about babies and birthing though:
– Their development in utero
– Abdominal palpations to determine their position
– Jaundice and treatment
– Breast and bottle feeding
– Labour and delivery
– Pain relief  during delivery
and so much more.

I feel equipped with knowledge and even though I still have so much to learn – I feel like I am making a difference. I show them kindness whereas the staff can be impatient and rude. I assist them and get them water to drink so they can be comfortable. I tell them they are nearly there – that they have almost reached their goal. I share in their joy.

to bring a life into this world is a precious thing…

and to see the babies take their first breath and know you have successfully brought a life into the world safely, is an incredibly awesome feeling. It is also incredible to watch the transformation a woman takes from a scared-of-the-unknown woman, to a mother.

I feel appreciated too – majority of the mothers tell me how thankful they are that I have helped them. It makes me feel like I am finally being recognized as a nurse, a carer!

and when I feel this good, I walk around with a smile on my face to meet the next mother-to-be….


3 responses to this post.

  1. AWESOME!!

    This is such a lovely post.

    While I had wonderful nurses in my ward – I wondered if the theatre nurses actually have time to stop and appreciate what they do – it was like a conveyor belt the day I had Jack – we were literally lined up in the passage!


  2. You’re a midwife??? Thats awesome! I wanted to do something like that at one point. To be there when babies are born must be magic. Anyway, it was great to meet you at the blogger get together yesterday! Have a great day!


  3. Such a beautiful post TimTim!
    Now I really want another baby so you can catch it!!!!!!


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