Monday’s Controversial Question

Do you believe that abortion should remain legalized or should abortion become known as a criminal act?






5 responses to this post.

  1. I am very pro choice. Wrote a post about it today.


  2. Posted by meganTS on August 2, 2011 at 07:51

    i’m pro choice. as sally said in her post, this doesn’t make me pro abortion. i think that if it’s made illegal, then more woman are going to die after having backstreet abortions. there also has to be more education and honest open discussion on abortion and birth control. people are too embarrassed to talk about these things and this just leads to all sorts of problems.


  3. I am pro choice. I dont think I would ever have an abortion (but I have never had to make the decision) but it breaks my heart when I hear of babies left in dumpsters. I think it would get worse if abortion was a criminal act although for the life of me I CANNOT understand why a woman would carry a baby for nine months, give birth and then leave it to die when they currently have abortion as an option now.


  4. Posted by Kayla on March 15, 2012 at 14:22

    Actually abortions, you have to be ten weeks or less. Its a woman’s choice if she wants one, thats her business. A 11 yr old girl gets raped, if she has the baby its likely she’ll die, her organs will come out along with the baby, the baby will have severe health problems or is 65% of a chance of living for one hour. So you’re going to make an 11yr old not have a choice, become a criminal? Everywhere she goes she’ll be stared at. “oh shes a whore” well she was raped. Its a woman’s choice. You dont know what its like until you’re at the point. people do get a choice, and you need to understand that, dont take away a woman’s right. if she wants she can have a baby, but she also if she wants, to have other options


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