The Script Press Conference Pictures are FINALLY Up.

Sjoe it has been a rather rough few weeks but I have managed to finally edit the pictures from The Script’s press conference when they were here in South Africa earlier this year.

I am super-chuffed that I got to photograph both The Script and The Arrows and I keep doing a short bum wiggle of excitement every time I think about it, because it was truly such a blast!

The Arrows seem to have sunshine emanating from them – they are so positive and beautiful and freaking hysterical! I actually took a few videos where you can actually hear me laughing out loud!

The Script – my oh my! How I would like them to serenade me to sleep every night… They are vibrant, and bubbly and nogal baie sexy! And they can actually swear like real troopers (of which I find to be rather delightful).

Thanking El Broide from On The Radio for allowing me to be his photographer.


And so, here are The Arrows who opened up for The Script, and who I would gladly like to take home and keep forever, introduced what Darren ‘Whackhead’ Simpson.

And then the absolutely talented The Script:




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