You Don’t Do Damn Near Enough!

Yes YOU.

The one reading this blog post.

YOU, who wants to bitch and moan about the nurses, doctors, paramedics, police (wo)men, fire (wo)men, security guards and so forth and how they don’t do enough for you and this country.

Well what the fuck have you done to show your appreciation for these people who risk their lives to save yours, who leave their family to care for yours?? Because I sure don’t see you volunteering to relieve them of a few hours to rest while you try your hand at it.

Have you ever considered taking them a home cooked meal? Writing them a card of appreciation? Getting sponsors to help them buy the equipment they need because theirs has broken and the government has not replaced it? Have you ever bothered to consider what they leave behind every time they go on shift? And the amount of hours that they work? Have you considered the minimal amount of pay they receive to risk their lives for YOU, and in turn you are ungrateful and disapproving? That without them this country would be even further wrecked into turmoil and chaos?

And don’t get me wrong, I know that not every single one of these people are pure. That some are corrupt, and do bad things. But the rest? Surely you cannot scoff at them all for the bad name some have given? Have you any idea how truly unbelievable YOU can be to assume and generalize. Open your eyes, dammit! They are there, risking their lives for you.

So what are you going to do to prove to them how much you appreciate it? Am I to be correct in assuming “fuck all”?


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