Strawberry Fudge

One word: Yum!!!

Delightful pink squares of sugary sweetness.

loved them, however my mother believes they are perhaps a tad too sweet, but I think it is also because I don’t become easily nauseated by sweet sugary foods.

Aesthetically, the strawberry fudge is very appealing. Thick pink squares, with dainty decorations of hearts and sugar balls.

The texture of the fudge is more that of a hardened mousse, but I prefer this texture, and think it suits the strawberry fudge perfectly.

The taste is sweet, which is to be expected! I could eat many of these at one sitting!

I really enjoyed them to be honest. I think it was my favourite dessert out of the lot!

Angel, thank you so much for a delicious experience, and massive apologies for the blog delay!



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