You Don’t Do Damn Near Enough!

Yes YOU.

The one reading this blog post.

YOU, who wants to bitch and moan about the nurses, doctors, paramedics, police (wo)men, fire (wo)men, security guards and so forth and how they don’t do enough for you and this country.

Well what the fuck have you done to show your appreciation for these people who risk their lives to save yours, who leave their family to care for yours?? Because I sure don’t see you volunteering to relieve them of a few hours to rest while you try your hand at it.

Have you ever considered taking them a home cooked meal? Writing them a card of appreciation? Getting sponsors to help them buy the equipment they need because theirs has broken and the government has not replaced it? Have you ever bothered to consider what they leave behind every time they go on shift? And the amount of hours that they work? Have you considered the minimal amount of pay they receive to risk their lives for YOU, and in turn you are ungrateful and disapproving? That without them this country would be even further wrecked into turmoil and chaos?

And don’t get me wrong, I know that not every single one of these people are pure. That some are corrupt, and do bad things. But the rest? Surely you cannot scoff at them all for the bad name some have given? Have you any idea how truly unbelievable YOU can be to assume and generalize. Open your eyes, dammit! They are there, risking their lives for you.

So what are you going to do to prove to them how much you appreciate it? Am I to be correct in assuming “fuck all”?



Today I met @getting_by, @victoireo, @tanyadk, @gnat_j, @laurenhamilton_, @mandimadeit. @marieks12, and @angelsmind at a restaurant called Manna.

I duly decided to take pictures of the kids closest to me as I was very very lazy to take of everyone and all the happenings surrounding me!

I even took one of the lemon in my coke. The conversations around me were so interactive, that I’m surprised I got such beautiful photos as I was not focusing as hard as I should have!

So, what do you think?

Photographing Michael Bolton @ His Press Conference

I recently photographed Michael Bolton at his press conference at the Westcliff Hotel.

His being late made me very unimpressed, however he duly apologized and the conference started. Holy cow, he replies to questions with 5 minute answers, and then says “Have fun editing that one” 😀

I struggled to photograph him because there were about 5 other photographers in a small space and eventually I photographed him from his side. He makes some of the funniest faces when he talks, and is a real blinker!

I spent some time messing around with my editing, and although I do not like all of them, I liked learning what I could do with the editing process and how small things can change a picture dramatically. And thus I overcontrasted, saturated, due-toned, increased and decreased temperatures and so forth. And here are a few:

I have reached 10 000 views on my blog!


I have reached just over 10 000 views on my blog and I am bouncing with happiness.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for being dedicated to my blog, my rantings and my photographs, and for your blog love when commenting. I love reading the comments!

So, a BIG thank you!



Monday’s Controversial Question

Do you believe that abortion should remain legalized or should abortion become known as a criminal act?





The Script Press Conference Pictures are FINALLY Up.

Sjoe it has been a rather rough few weeks but I have managed to finally edit the pictures from The Script’s press conference when they were here in South Africa earlier this year.

I am super-chuffed that I got to photograph both The Script and The Arrows and I keep doing a short bum wiggle of excitement every time I think about it, because it was truly such a blast!

The Arrows seem to have sunshine emanating from them – they are so positive and beautiful and freaking hysterical! I actually took a few videos where you can actually hear me laughing out loud!

The Script – my oh my! How I would like them to serenade me to sleep every night… They are vibrant, and bubbly and nogal baie sexy! And they can actually swear like real troopers (of which I find to be rather delightful).

Thanking El Broide from On The Radio for allowing me to be his photographer.


And so, here are The Arrows who opened up for The Script, and who I would gladly like to take home and keep forever, introduced what Darren ‘Whackhead’ Simpson.

And then the absolutely talented The Script:



Controversial Mondays

I am thinking too start posting a new Controversial Question on my blog each Monday and would love it if you could interact with me 🙂

Plus, my blog needs some blog luuuuuuuuuuuuuuurving 😀

What do you guys think?