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I have recently gained the courage to start displaying my photography again. I am hoping to have a website up sometime, however, in the meantime I am posting my work on Facebook.

The link is thus:

Please feel free to share with your friends!!



Strawberry Fudge

One word: Yum!!!

Delightful pink squares of sugary sweetness.

IΒ loved them, however my mother believes they are perhaps a tadΒ tooΒ sweet, but I think it is also because I don’t become easily nauseated by sweet sugary foods.

Aesthetically, the strawberry fudge is very appealing. Thick pink squares, with dainty decorations of hearts and sugar balls.

The texture of the fudge is more that of a hardened mousse, but I prefer this texture, and think it suits the strawberry fudge perfectly.

The taste is sweet, which is to be expected! I could eat many of these at one sitting!

I really enjoyed them to be honest. I think it was my favourite dessert out of the lot!

Angel, thank you so much for a delicious experience, and massive apologies for the blog delay!


Rainbow Cookies – Angel’s Beta Test

(Image from Wikipedia)

On Thursday I excitedly fetched the Rainbow Cookies Angel baked for me as part of her Beta Testing πŸ˜€ I do, after all, love cookies. And the fact that they are rainbow coloured was as added bonus!

I must say, the one thing that really boggled my mind was how Angel was able to pretty much get the different colours to be straight and for the colours to be SO vibrant – kudos to you Angel!

Visual Appearance:

– I love the vibrant colours

– I love how the different coloured crumbs simply add to the aesthetics of the whole cookie! #RainbowMashUp


– I would have preferred if the cookie was sweeter #PersonalPreference

– The texture of the cookie was a tad hard and crumbly, but overall enjoyable.

Would I Order It Again?

– Yes! I loved the colours of the cookies, it really brightened up my lunch box. Besides for the fact that my family nearly ate all of it by the time I managed to photograph it!! My mother and I were already doing the “one for you… one for me” division in the car!!

Here is my mother eating it…..

… I don’t think she was very impressed with me πŸ˜€

However, her expert opinion on these cookies are: “I like it… I just don’t like what it is doing TO me!

I also took the cookies with me to a Girls Night Out with my friends and it was a hit.

While working in the hospital, my one poor patient was such a darling and was having a rough day as the staff were incredibly rude and she was very uncertain about the outcome of her health, so I gave her a cookie and it honestly brightened up her day. Here she is! πŸ˜€


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Photography Done By the very inexperienced me πŸ˜€

Deep Despair

Depression takes you down the darkest of roads…


The following are my favourite pictures of the day….

The Birthing of Flowers


Yesterday #TheBoyfriend and I celebrated our Β 6 year anniversary. He was ever so sweet and bought me a bunch of poppies and tulips. He obviously knows me very well as he dug through bunches of poppies to get me all the unopened ones because I love watching them pop πŸ™‚ Melted my heart.

He then understood when he knew I had to get my camera and start photographing! I recently received my 100mm Macro lens and used it to try it out, as well as some different editing techniques.

The poppies especially remind me of birth – I love it!

Enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave any comments or constructive criticism







Lady Gaga-esque Meets Rocker. [Sneak Peek]

So today I shot my first studio shoot πŸ™‚ I still have a long way to go, but I’m quite pleased with the way the pictures turned out πŸ™‚

Don’t feel shy to comment πŸ™‚